Berean Bible Baptist Academy Preschool exists to work with families in bringing their children to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, educating them for a Christian world view, and preparing them for a life of service to Christ and their world.
3 and ​4-Year Old Preschool Classes

Teachers are trained in Child Development and use the Beka Curriculum to teach the students in this very important stage in life. The academics the child will learn are as follows:

  • Phonics—Your child will enjoy carefully sequenced activities that will teach him his vowels, consonants, blends, one-vowel words, and two-vowel words. The Abeka method has produced thousands of successful readers for more than half a century!

  • Reading—Building on this foundation of phonics, by second semester your child will actually be reading little books!

  • Manuscript writing—From tracing the letters to writing them on his own, your child will be taught to neatly print his letters as he carefully forms each “ball” and “stick.” The “houses” with upstairs, downstairs, and basement guide your child in the size and placement of each letter. As he carefully forms his letters, he will learn the character qualities of neatness and caring about his work.

  • Numbers—Your child will love the numerous counting and coloring activities that teach him number concepts and formation of numbers 1–20 and counting up to 100. Adding 1 to a number acquaints him with how numbers work.

Students will also learn music, physical activities, quality field trips, and various social exercises to give them a holistic learning experience.

Ministry of Berean Bible Baptist Church

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